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Agnes of Rome

The Silky Satin 3-Piece Set

The Silky Satin 3-Piece Set

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Say goodbye to your hair woes without a prayer to Saint Agnes, the patron saint of hair. With this vegan satin set, including a silky, satin pillowcase and matching eye mask and scrunchy, bedhead becomes a thing of the past. Its silky texture reduces friction, resulting in mornings free of frizz and stronger, healthier hair, lashes, and brows. Plus, satin's breathability means happier skin, with fewer tugs on sensitive areas and fewer creases and blemishes. Stay cool all night long with satin's remarkable ability to regulate temperature, ensuring you're always on the good side of the pillow. And when it's time for a refresh, caring for your satin set is a breeze – it's cruelty-free, stronger than silk, and conveniently machine washable. Just turn the pillowcase inside out, wash in cool water on the gentle cycle with mild detergent, and tumble dry low or air dry for effortless maintenance. Say arrivederci to bedhead and hello to a more luxurious, carefree bedtime routine!

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