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Ritual of Saints

Spa Day 4-Pack

Spa Day 4-Pack

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Exclusively available in the Double Your Box Upgrade: “Dew Not Disturb”

We've got the pack you never knew you needed but won't be able to live without! Get ready to pamper yourself like a K-beauty queen with Ritual of Saints lineup featuring a Korean scrub glove, a fluffy bow spa headband, scalp shower srubber and reusable makeup removing towels that are the definition of glam multitasking!

First up, we've got the Korean scrub glove, guaranteed to slough away dead skin and leave you feeling smoother than silk. Use the scalp scrubber with your favorite shampoo to get your scalp skin fresh-from-the-salon squeaky clean. Then, slide on our fluffy bow spa headband to keep those locks out of the way while you indulge in some serious self-care. And last but definitely not least, our reusable makeup removing towels, featuring one side for gentle cleansing and the other for some serious exfoliating action! So, whether you're prepping for a night out or unwinding after a long day, this trio has got you covered, darling!

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