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Coco + Clove

Necklace 2 Pack - Silver Paperclip & Silver Herringbone

Necklace 2 Pack - Silver Paperclip & Silver Herringbone

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Exclusively available in the Double Your Box Upgrade: “Dew Not Disturb”

Alright, my stylish babes, buckle up because we're about to dive into the world of bling with not one, but two waterproof silver, stainless-steel necklaces that are about to become your new obsession! Picture this: you're out on the town, rocking your fiercest look, but what's missing? That's right, some serious neck candy! Enter these herringbone and paperclip necklaces, here to elevate your accessory game to the next level. With their waterproof design, you can slay in style whether you're hitting the beach or dancing in the rain. The silver hue adds a touch of glam to any outfit, while the herringbone and paperclip chains bring that extra oomph of chicness. So, throw on one, or dare to double up for maximum impact, and get ready to turn heads wherever you go, because honey, you're about to shine brighter than the stars!

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