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Crisp & Refreshing Chards 3-Pack

Crisp & Refreshing Chards 3-Pack

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Nothing against a classic Californian Chardonnay with its mouth-coating, buttery goodness, but it is definitely one of the most divisive varietals in the wine world; people either love a butter bomb Chard or they hate them. 

Well, haters take note! You are about to be converted into Chardonnay lovers! Chardonnay outside of California is often crisp and refreshing because instead of oak barrel aging, New World wine makers have transformed the flavor profile of Chardonnay by using stainless steel barrels for aging. Chards from South Africa, Chile and Australia are NOT your grandma's buttery California. These wines are lively, citrusy and slightly fruity. They are simply so dimensional (and not a hint of butter to be had)!

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